Welcome to Investment Navigators

Financial decisions can be complicated. Having a Financial Navigator at your side can give you more confidence in charting your investment journey.

We enjoy meeting with potential clients for an informal first visit. There is no charge to meet and talk about your present financial situation and for us to hear about your future goals.

Gather: Our first visit is an information gathering session. We need to be aware of your current assets and expenses so we can chart a course toward your financial destination. And you need to get to know us and how we work for our clients by providing guidance and confidence.

Suggest: A second visit would be spent discussing the merits of possible strategies to move toward your financial goals. Questions are always welcome as we value our client's participation in the decision-making process.

Implement: When someone becomes a client, we do all we can to keep them informed and comfortable with their decisions.

Monitor: We continue to watch over your accounts and make adjustments if needed.